Financial calculators, budgeting, and other useful resources

CreditNowUSA has compiled a wide range of financial calculators and other resources to help you calculate loan payments, interest rates, mortgage rates, credit card debt, balance your budget, and much more.

19 Financial Calculators

This extremely useful resource offers a wide range of helpful mortgage calculators. Just scroll through the list of the various calculators and use any one that may be useful.


Understand your current spending patterns

Track your monthly spending and try to account for every dollar spent. Every time you make a purchase, pay a bill, or spend any money, jot it down noting where it was spent. At the end of each day make a list of your expenses.
Try to think critically about each dollar spent and whether or not it was a required expense. Once you know your required monthly expenses and how much to save for, you will know how much expendable income you have, and how much you can spend on yourself.

Prepare for inevitable unexpected bills.

It is important to plan for unforeseen bills and to save appropriately to be able to take care of them when they do occur. The biggest events to plan for are auto repairs, home repairs, and health care bills. To make saving for these unfortunate events easier, you can set up a separate savings account that will be withdrawn from ONLY for such expenses.

Budgeting Spread Sheet To download a FREE comprehensive budgeting template spreadsheet click here.

Additional Financial Resource

Here are some additional financial resources, including a financial glossary, current national rates and CD rate calculator.

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