Frequently Asked Questions

What can CreditNowUSA do for me?

We provide a comprehensive list of financial services by connecting you with one of our professional and trusted partners, and we do this free of charge. Our team does extensive research and networking to find these affiliates and makes sure that you receive premium and effective service to get your financial life on track. Browse through the following list to find out if we can help you out:

What is my credit score?

The three credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are in charge of calculating your credit score and generally the range is from 300 to 850. Any time a company, such as your credit card provider, submits a claim to any or these bureaus it goes on their report and lowers your score. If you have a low score (around 500) you will only be able to receive subprime loans, meaning higher interest rates.

If you never or rarely are late on any payments then your score will rise. If you have a score of around 800 then virtually all lenders will give you a mortgage, auto, or business loan with a great low rate because they trust that you will pay them back. Visit our Credit Score page to determine your score so that you know whether the rates that lenders give you are reasonable or not. This also lets you determine if you’d like to go about the process of repairing your credit which can be accomplished via knowledgeable professionals.


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