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Tied down by debt?

Do you try to make payments on your debts but can’t seem to get ahead? Have creditors been increasing the pressure upon you to get any payment they can, even if those payments don’t even cover late fees, penalties, or interest expenses? Because of the difficult economic conditions thousands of Americans, just like you, have become tied down by debt, but we can help. CreditNowUSA will connect you with debt specialists that can reduce a significant portion of your debt.

Want help with your debt?

Tired of the harassing phone calls and letters from creditors? Have you been looking for a way to start over without having to declare bankruptcy ? CreditNowUSA can connect you to the expertise and information you need. You can count on the experience and professionalism of CreditNowUSA’s debt specialists to provide you with options to reduce the total amount of debt owed so that you can move on with your life.
How debt settlement works:

Debt settlement companies that we match you with negotiate with creditors and collectors on your behalf to settle your unsecured debt (debt from credit cards , retail store cards, medical bills, personal loans, and any debt without any type of collateral on it) for less than the amount owed. All you have to do is pay the significantly lowered balance in an arranged schedule to ONLY the debt settlement company, instead of to all of your past debt collecting agencies. When the debt is completely paid, the creditors issue a letter to the credit bureaus, which starts the process of improving your credit. Learn more by visiting our Credit Repair page.

Why creditors accept settlements

Most creditors are willing to settle your debt balance if you are having financial hardships. They recognize that as your debt mounts, you will be less and less able to make payments. This causes many individuals to stop any payments all together, due to the debilitating interest rates. Collectors realize that a debt settlement will allow them to obtain at least a portion of what is owed. Debt reduction is a fantastic alternative to bankruptcy since the creditor has the possibility of receiving nothing if bankruptcy is filed. Debt consolidation is a winning situation for both sides and allows you to move on with your life.

Why Debt Consolidation Will Work For You

If you’ve got more than a few payments behind on several other bills, you know that collection agencies and creditors can turn the pressure up very quickly attempting to get almost any payment they can. The problem with many of these payments is that they don’t cover the interest rate, balance, or penalties. In short, many times they are just looking for any payment regardless of what it may do to you financially. This is where debt consolidation is an option.

The thing to remember here is that the more pressure that creditors and collection agencies put on a debtor, the less likely it is that the debtor will pay everything off on their own. This is not because they don’t necessarily want to. Instead, they feel overwhelmed by the amount they need to pay in addition to keeping the regular monthly bills such as rent and food in line. And the longer they go without pain, more interest accrues thereby almost making it impossible to pay off. As such, many debtors may quit trying to pay altogether because they simply cannot handle it. Some even file for bankruptcy, which means that the creditor or the collection agency may not get even a portion of what is owed.

It is due to this fact, that many creditors and agencies will accept debt consolidation settlements because that means they will get if not all and certainly most of or part of the amount that is owed. That said, you may wonder exactly how this would apply to you and why debt consolidation is a good idea.

As has been stated often times various debt that you may accrue over time can become too much, especially when all of your creditors seem to want balance in full on same day. With the debt consolidation agreement, you work with a company that negotiates with your creditors and collectors for you often times for less than what was originally owned. What this means is you would just have to pay a smaller monthly amount to the debt consolidation company rather than an amount to each creditor or collection agency. This makes it much easier for you to not only pay off the debt faster but it makes it easier to also stick to your budget.

Debt consolidation is also very fast weight to improve your credit, because as soon as the debt is paid, the credit bureaus are notified and you can begin improving your credit.

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