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CreditNowUSA has compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions to assist you when researching financial subjects.

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What can CreditNowUSA do for me?

We provide a comprehensive list of financial services by connecting you with one of our professional and trusted partners, and we do this free of charge. Our team does extensive research and networking to find these affiliates and makes sure that you receive premium and effective service to get your financial life on track. Browse through the following list to find out if we can help you out:
  1. What is my credit score?

    The three credit bureaus Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are in charge of calculating your credit score and generally the range is from 300 to 850. Any time a company, such as your credit card provider, submits a claim to any or these bureaus it goes on their report and lowers your score. If you have a low score (around 500) you will only be able to receive subprime loans, meaning higher interest rates. If you never or rarely are late on any payments then your score will rise. If you have a score of around 800 then virtually all lenders will give you a mortgage, auto, or business loan with a great low rate because they trust that you will pay them back. Visit our Credit Score page to determine your score so that you know whether the rates that lenders give you are reasonable or not. This also lets you determine if you’d like to go about the process of repairing your credit which can be accomplished via knowledgeable professionals.
  2. What is credit repair and how can I benefit from it?

    Any time you fail to make your credit card payments, pay a utility bill on time, go bankrupt, etc, these occurrences are reported to credit bureaus and they lower your credit score. But what commonly occurs is companies report bogus claims or administrative errors happen that bring down your score. Credit repair specialists locate these mistakes and fight against the bureaus to have them removed. Such negative items include collections, late payments, bankruptcies, repossessions, foreclosures, judgments, charge offs, etc. Here are just a few of the benefits of having good credit:
    • Get more bang for your buck on your home or auto purchase
    • Save hundreds by refinancing your mortgage or auto loan
    • Be approved for better interest rates on credit cards
    • Set up utilities and cable accounts without a deposit
    • Enjoy great loan rates and payments available
    • Never worry about showing your poor credit to employers or landlords

    Learn more about credit repair and receive a free consultation by visiting our Credit Repair page.
  3. How does CreditNowUSA help me get a credit card?

    Not only do we help you get a card, we help you get the right card for your needs. We will match you to a company that has high approval rates, low APRs, good reward programs, low or no fees, and grace periods. Visit our Credit Card page to learn more and to find a card that will benefit you the most.
  4. What is a prepaid card and what are its advantages over a standard credit card?

    Not only can prepaid cards be used for purchases nearly everywhere that credit cards are excepted, they also make great budgeting tools. Prepaid cards are loaded with the amount of money you want. Once all the money on the card has been exhausted then you can no longer use the card until it has been reloaded. This makes prepaid cards invaluable for keeping track of your expenses and staying within your budget. Prepaid cards are simple to reload with more cash and make great gifts. Visit our Prepaid Card page to learn more and to be matched to a prepaid card that is right for you.
  5. What is a reverse mortgage?

    Reverse mortgage loans enable seniors to convert their home’s equity into tax–free cash, while retaining the ownership of their home. Basically, you free up some income for yourself while not being required to make any payments since your loan is based off of your home's equity. If you are 62 or older you can enjoy an increased monthly income. A great aspect of reverse mortgages is that seniors are protected because by law they receive a consultation from a 3rd party. Learn more and determine if you are eligible by visiting our Reverse Mortgage page.
  6. How can I benefit from refinancing my mortgage?

    Refinancing your mortgage allows you to set up lower monthly payments, obtain a lower interest rate, and free up cash for home improvements or whatever you wish. You can also lengthen or shorten your term length. NOW is the time to refinance because of the near record low rates. To learn more about refinancing and to be matched with a trusted lender visit our Mortgage Refinance page.
  7. How can CreditNowUSA help me receive a mortgage loan?

    CreditNowUSA uses our knowledge and research techniques to locate great lenders with low rates. Do you prefer a fixed rate or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM)? What length of term do you want? What can you afford? There are a variety of options and details involved when receiving a mortgage loan. Visit our Mortgage Loan page to learn more and to be connected to a preferred lender. Do you want a loan for investment purposes? Then remember that currently there are near record low interest rates.
  1. What types of business loans can you help me acquire?

    CreditNowUSA can connect you with business loan lenders with great low rates. The types of loans that we provide are small business loans, SBA loans, unsecured business loans, business lines of credit, and business cash advances. Here is a short breakdown describing each type:
    • Small Business Loan: These loans start at $25,000 for startups and $35,000 for existing businesses.
    • SBA Loan: The SBA is a government agency that guarantees loans for small and mid-size companies. They can provide $25,000 for startups and $35,000 for existing businesses.
    • Unsecured Business Loan: These loans are convenient because it is unnecessary to create a business plan detailing how you will spend the money. These loans range from $50,000 to $750,000.
    • Business Line of Credit: These loans work like a credit card, and making your payments on time increases your credit score. They are unsecured and range from $50,000 to $750,000.
    • Business Cash Advance: These loans have a simple application process and are unsecured. They have high approval rates, minimal credit requirements, and a flexible repayment process. These loans range from $5,000 to $600,000.

    Find out more about our Business Loan opportunities and get your business moving forward.
  2. What is an installment loan?

    Installment loans are very similar to payday loans except that the borrower returns the loan in a series of payments that are agreed upon prior to receiving the loan. Since the borrower is given a lot of options such as the term length and payment price, installment loans are very convenient. To avoid the possibility of forgetting to make a payment you can automate them. To learn more and to receive a loan visit our Installment Loan page.
  3. Why use CreditNowUSA to help me get an auto loan?

    There are a lot of auto loan financers that implement practices that attempt to rip off customers. CreditNowUSA will connect you with a trustworthy lender free of charge. If you want to purchase that dream car and like low rates as well as free quotes then visit our Auto Loan page and learn more.
  4. What is a title loan?

    You can borrow up to 50% of the value of your vehicle, and enjoy a very low interest rate. Your vehicle is the collateral on the loan. Cars, SUVs, trucks, and motorcycles can all be taken advantage of to easily and quickly access cash. Our trusted partner will not run a credit check, meaning you can still be approved for a loan even if you have poor or no credit. The approval rate is very high, so find out if you qualify for a Title Loan today!
  5. How can I consolidate my debt?

    Most creditors are willing to settle your debt balance if you are facing financial hardships. They recognize that as your debt mounts, you will be less and less able to make payments. Debt relief specialists are trained to know the effective techniques required to get creditors to reduce a very large portion of your debt. Debt reduction is a fantastic alternative to bankruptcy since the creditor has the possibility of receiving nothing at all if bankruptcy is filed. To be matched to professional debt relief specialists visit our Debt Consolidation page.
  6. How can I get my tax debt lowered?

    If you are bogged down from unpaid taxes, late filings, audits, and/or unfilled returns you will be happy to know that in certain circumstances the IRS will agree to drastically lower your total debt. Especially in these difficult times they are willing to work with you. The key is to have as much of your debt reduced as possible, which requires the expertise of trained professionals who will fight the IRS to the furthest extent. To find out more and receive a free consultation visit our Tax Debt Relief page.
  7. How can foreclosed homes benefit me?

    The mortgage crisis has yet to rebound, producing interest rates below even 5%. This means that now is the time to invest in real estate, and the most intelligent types of properties you want to research are foreclosed homes. But how do you find them? CreditNowUSA provides you with a massive quantity of nationwide foreclosure listings. Whether you want to purchase a home for you and your family or take advantage of this great time to invest, you can search through more than a million foreclosed homes and filter down to what city and states you are interested in. Start your seven day free trial by visiting our Foreclosure Listings page.
  8. What do I need to know about bankruptcy and whether or not it is right for me?

    When deep in debt bankruptcy may be the smartest route to take to get back onto your feet. Bankruptcy discharges most, if not all of your debt and ends harassing calls from creditors. Although, in addition to that huge perk it also lowers your credit score. It is important review all of the advantages and disadvantages prior to making a decision. To receive a free consultation visit our Bankruptcy page and discover whether debt relief or bankruptcy is the right path for you.
  9. Why should I protect my identity?

    First off, it is very easy for criminals to steal your identity and they are getting craftier and craftier at it. All they need is basic information such as your SSN, address, and birthday. Once they’ve obtained your personal information they apply and are approved for credit cards. They then blow as much money under your good name as possible, ruining your credit. Recent statistics from the US Government show that you can expect to spend on average 600 hours and $1,200 working to restore your good name. Why deal with such a gigantic hassle when you can make a small investment to protect your identity now. Visit our Identity Theft page to learn more and to protect yourself.
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